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Faith {Philadelphia First Holy Communion Photography}

It’s that time of year again…

I always feel blessed to capture the beauty of children at their First Holy Communion.  There’s a quiet contemplation about them and a pride in their parents eyes.  It’s a hushed difference from my typical, rambunctious shoots.  Here are a few favorites…

FirstCommunion1 FirstCommunion2 FirstCommunion3 FirstCommunion4 FirstCommunion5

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portyMarch 12, 2015 - 11:16 am

pic with the boy in in church pew is unreal; you crushed it once again, dani!

DaniMarch 16, 2015 - 12:38 pm

Thank you, thank you Brett!

Sweet, Sweet Sixteen!

Best friends are the people in your life that make you laugh louder, smile brighter and live better”


Wishing my beautiful Goddaughter, Kyra, the happiest of “Sweet 16″ Birthdays!  Capturing the beauty and spirit of not only Kyra, but her closest friends, was truly an honor.  Four locations, a limo, wardrobe changes, a bit of glitter and a whole lot of laughter made for the perfect celebration.  And as Kyra’s Mom and I can attest, it’s these very friendships, forged so early on, that remain present during life’s greatest moments.  Happy, Happy Birthday Kyra!  xo



Kyra3 Kyra4 Kyra5 Kyra6 Kyra7 Kyra8 Kyra9 Kyra10 Kyra11 Kyra12 Kyra13 Kyra14 Kyra15 Kyra16 Kyra17 Kyra18

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